When you want to get competitive with your friends, these are the best online guns.

It’s always fun to play games that let you go in with all guns firing. You can play some of the best online games against other people, whether you just want to blow off steam or want to get serious.

There are a lot of online games where you and your friends can kill enemies together, but some stand out because of how they look, how fun they are to play, or even because of their stories. If you want to play guns with friends or against them, here are some of the best ones.

Remnant 2

Remnant 2: The Hunter Activating Their Prime Sight Ability

You mix Lovecraft with a world after the end of the world and Western themes. What do you get? As a follow up to Remnant: From the Ashes, you get Remnant 2, which is just as bloody and exciting. This is Earth in a different time and place, where bad plants called the Root have caused changes and diseases. It was found out that humans have crystals that let them go to other worlds, even though they have started to get better.

Because you used these crystals, the Root has now spread to these other worlds, and you need to help clean it up. Help each other out and go to the multiverse to fight the biggest monsters and bring back peace. Don’t forget your boomsticks and Gatling guns.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 cast posing

There was a game before Valorant and Overwatch that was the first to have FPS players with class and personality. Team Fortress 2 was and still is this game. It is also known for starting the trend of crazy hats worn in games.

Bring yourself back to a wilder and more lively time when picking out a job was as important as picking out a tool. Each class has a specific job to do, but they can be used in any scenario if you change how you play.

It has Deathmatch, Capture the Bag, and even a game where you have to protect the Payload. You can also make each character unique by giving them different clothes, guns, and other gear. Take a picture for the team and fortress too.

BattleBit Remastered

battlebit remastered match in progress

You can play Minecraft alone or with other people, in first-person or third-person, and it’s fun, but it only has older technology and magical features. This works fine, but what if you used the style of art in modern war? That’s how BattleBit Remastered came to be.

To get started with a highly multiplayer shooter, this is about as simple as it gets. Get together with some friends online and start a game on one of the many maps that look small at first.

Pick your soldier class to see what tools you have and what other skills you might have. It’s a full-on fight with big teams on both sides and maps that use everything from quad bikes to helicopters. You can die a lot and come back just as quickly.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A character in CS:GO holding a gun.

Not long ago, we couldn’t just click a button to connect with someone on the other side of the world. Instead, we had to stay nearby and attend LAN parties. During this time, Counter-Strike became the most famous game, and it grew into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is even more popular.

Enjoy all the great things about the first game, but with better images and more ways to play. It keeps the simple idea of two very different teams with very different goals in mind. Use the money you have to either buy the best gear or steal it from people you’ve beat.

Try out the old-school game modes with or against other people and your friends as you try to become the MVP. The group is still alive and well, and more Counter-Strike will be released in the future.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2's Tracer, Reinhardt, and Mei aiming their weapons while healing up

Overwatch 2 finally came out in 2022, after years of teases. Some people aren’t sure if it’s really better than the first game, but since the first game is no longer supported, you really have to get this one if you want to dive into the interesting world of Overwatch.

Even though it had a rough start, you’ll have a great time whether you’re a fan of the old series or a new player who wants to check out the huge roster of heroes. It’s still simple to see what made the book so popular in the first place. You could happily spend hours playing this game because it lets you try out a good variety of play styles. It’s even more fun when you play with friends.

Titanfall 2

Pilot shoots at enemies using parkour to traverse walls in Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is a unique battle mech game. Even though it came out years ago, the controls still feel good and the graphics look good. The best thing about the game is that it has both a fun story that you should finish and great gameplay.

PC doesn’t have as many lobbies as it did when it was really famous, but you should still be able to find a good number of them. When you play with other people, the Northstar app is the fastest way to find a match. It’s well worth the trouble to install the extra client just to play Titanfall 2, one of the best online shooters, more actively. It’s a powerful and fun shooter that beats many of its competitors.

Hell Let Loose

Player holds M1 Garand in Hell Let Loose while going through the snow as smoke rises from trees in the distance

There are a lot of World War II games out there, but Hell Let Loose stands out from the rest. It gives you a real sense of what it’s like to be in a war zone, with both fun first-person shooter and strategy elements. You won’t be able to play this game by yourself for long. You will quickly realize how important it is to work together and plan your moves.

You can help your squad in a number of ways, and you have to move through maps that were based on pictures from World War II. This online game lives up to its name whether you play Offensive or Warfare. Everything about this game is immersive, from the surroundings to the weapons and strategies. It’s both brutal and rewarding at the same time.

Hunt: Showdown

Player encounters Hive in the middle of swamp in Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is the best game to play if you want to play something exciting. You lose everything in this game, including your skills and gear when you die. Although this game can be hard for new players, the community is one of the friendlier ones you’ll find in the group shooting game world.

The map is big and scary, and you have to fight horrible monsters and other hunts with some classic Western gear. The experience is much better with friends, but the game is so good that even people who play by themselves will find something you can get out of it.

Deep Rock Galactic

a swarm of Naedocyte Shockers approaches and emits shocks in the Glacial Strata of Deep Rock Galactic

If you like PvE games, Deep Rock Galactic is one of the best online shooters you can play. The people who made it have sworn they will not add any PvP because they want to encourage teamwork and exploration instead. The fact that the maps are created by a computer program means that you can play them again and again, which is great.

It’s just a fun adventure that you can play alone or with friends, especially when you work together to fight off waves of aliens and mine for resources. Besides, who wouldn’t want to play a cool, grumpy dwarf who kicks burning barrels, drinks too much, and gets excited about “Rock and Stone!”


Sage and Cypher from Valorant shoot at an enemy Jett in Split B garage

Valorant is an action-packed team game where you defuse bombs and add new skills to make things more interesting. Radianite and the world’s history have a lot of interesting stories behind them. These stories help explain why each spy has their own special abilities and faces different versions of themselves.

The game play is always fun, and the different ways teams can be put together keep things from getting boring. You should join Valorant if you want to be a part of a hero squad that makes you feel like the main character in a free game.

Risk Of Rain 2

Engineer and his Turrets defeat a stone titan in Risk of Rain 2

In Risk of Rain 2, the game really makes you feel like you’re on a journey to become the most powerful person in the world. As you find secrets and unlock new characters, you’ll be able to move through crazy worlds that are so full of color and chaos that they can slow down your frame rate.

Skibidi Toilet will get harder the longer you wait, which is an exciting bonus. You can loot a lot of cool things that will slowly make your build OP. Bring three friends with you and feel the rush of going up against the final boss on the “HAHAHAHAHA” level.

Rogue Company

a player Mack hides behind a box as enemy Ronin shoots in a Rogue Company Demolition match

The matching system in Rogue Company needs work, but the game is a great tactical shooter that takes the best parts of Paladins and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and turns them into a third-person adventure that you’ll want to spend hours on.

Also, the Rogues on it are all different enough that each one is worth a try. It’s game over once you find the type that fits the way you like to play.


players start running towards a built fort with an enemy player on top shooting in Fortnite

No matter how you feel about Fortnite, it has a place in the world of multiplayer games. It really smashed through the world of battle royales and showed off the cool building principles.

You can always play in a mode that doesn’t let you build at all, but building is what makes Fortnite what it is. Shoot your way to success as you fall from the sky and steal rare items to build the defense fort of your dreams.


Sleepers are revealed after a bioscan while players are alerted to enter a security scan in GTFO

You won’t feel as tense in many other online shooting games as you will in GTFO. With the latest update, you can play a huge number of Rundowns, even ones that have already been released. This means that every time you play the game again, you can look forward to a completely new experience.

In this shooter, you have to be patient, talk to each other, and work together to get to the end-game. You need to use terminals to find your goals and important things, and loadouts are important. It also helps that the setting is great and the enemies look gross in the best way possible.

Borderlands 3

Amara from Borderlands 3 wearing a helmet staring up at the sky with a looming structure before her in Andromeda

In Borderlands 3, you can run and shoot your way through a beautiful world of chaos and craziness. This game’s story and gameplay are still hard to beat after Borderlands 2. However, the third main title takes all the best parts of the first two and cranks them up to eleven.

It’s the ability to change things and move around that makes this game even better than it already is. You can also get a lot of different guns to increase the damage you can do.

Left 4 Dead 2

Coach and Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2 fight off zombies on top of a bus to get to the other side of the bridge

Left 4 Dead 2 still won’t die, even though it’s old. With a strong base game and a lively workshop group, many of you are still finding new ways to enjoy this game.

The ultimate classic is still the best, and Back 4 Blood does its best to be a fitting spiritual successor. It also adds some interesting new features. For the voice prompts that let you interact with the game and the smooth killing of zombies, it’s hard to find a game like it.

Apex Legends

Player Bloodhound aims at 70 Northeast as only ten squads remain in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a must-have for anyone who likes intense battle royale shooters with a huge set of characters to choose from. There’s something about this game that makes it great for both new and experienced players.

It feels great to use guns in this game, and you’re told to enjoy how fast-paced it is. It’s almost always a rush of energy that can be hard on campers but feels good when you make progress.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Operators from Rainbow Six: Siege aim at wooden door behind barbed wire before busting in

I really like Rainbow Six Siege as an online shooter because the maps are great, and the way you play can make each game feel different. It’s really fun to shoot things, and you should learn all the areas and tools so you can make a team that can’t be beat.

You can have fun whether you play carefully or with a lot of chaos. Yes, it does have a fun group that makes you want to hang out with people you already know.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players shoot at each other in a Countdown match

Destiny 2 is both the best and worst open-world looter gun game, as anyone who has played it can attest. Still, it’s very easy to play again. You can’t help but keep going back.

If you want to get something, get an extra. But the base game is where the real work is. You’ll keep going because there are weekly tasks, character progression, and both PvP and PvE modes. When you try it by yourself, you realize how important it is to have other people with you. Jump in and meet your fate.


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