These pretty women really feel like princesses, and they’re not afraid to show it!

In the world of JRPGs, there are a lot of bright and brave -dere types, but the himedere character is the most over the top. Like other words ending in -dere, this one comes from the Japanese word “deredere,” which means “lovely dove” in English. In Japanese, “hime” means “princess.”

figures that are himedere, which mostly means female figures, are known for being proud and sure of themselves. They aren’t afraid to show off their money and power to people they think are less important than them. But these well-known himedere women show that their personalities aren’t always what they seem to be.

Maribelle (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Maribelle confessing her feelings for Robin in Fire Emblem Awakening

Maribelle, the daughter of the Duke of Themis and a very moral person, is known for her expensive likes and her snobbish, upper-class behavior toward those around her. In her first appearance in Fire Emblem: Awakening, Maribelle scolds both Vaike, another sheep, for burping and Robin, a new recruit, for going along with Vaike. She has a mean tongue that even her future son Brady can’t escape. Maribelle’s support talks with Brady are mostly about trying to fix Brady’s rough speech, but she gives up when she sees how hard Brady used honesty to impress her.

It looks like they don’t like regular people, but they really care about them and are good at spotting ability. The latter can be seen in the help calls Maribelle makes to Robin and Donnel. Although Maribelle needs a while to get to know most people, she is most friendly and helpful to her best friend Lissa right away because she is the only person who doesn’t find her personality off-putting. After Grima is defeated, Maribelle becomes a judge to promote equal rights for both nobles and commoners. She does this by showing a lot of compassion for those lower than her, even though she has a sharp tongue.

Shantotto (Final Fantasy 11)

final fantasy 11 shantotto

Even though Shantotto is short, you can’t say the same thing about her attitude. Shantotto always speaks in rhyme, which is a trait of the Tarutaru race. She has a lot of respect for herself, especially when it comes to her magic, which she is always trying to get better at. Shantotto was born into a family of skilled witches, so she has always been interested in black magic. She has kept practicing it even when big events in her life, like her parents’ divorce, made things worse. A lot of mages look up to Shantotto as a famous master because she is so good at black magic.

Shantotto is so proud that she can be so cruel in fight that she hurts her allies in the process. Shantotto is one of Final Fantasy’s most impulsive black mages because she only uses her magic for reasons that interest her. That doesn’t mean she isn’t loyal, though. Cosmos, the Goddess of Harmony, was very important to her during her time in Drive Mad, even though this was the case. Many of Cosmos’ other fighters, on the other hand, were turned off by her presence. Tidus even said that Shantotto had “an aura of something from your nightmares.”

Fischl (Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact - Fischl

Fischl acts like a normal princess because she grew up reading a lot of fairy tales and other fantasy stories. She is polite and formal with everyone she meets, but she always has crazy ideas about certain events, which her raven friend Oz always makes up for.

She doesn’t pay too much attention to the fact that Fischl’s behavior makes people confused rather than angry, which is different from most hero figures. So Fischl doesn’t worry about how other people will react. Instead, she cares about the people who like her, flaws and all.

Tsareena (Pokemon Sun & Moon)

Tsareena performing a fierce kick

That’s not always true, and the beautiful Fruit Pokemon Tsareena is the best example of that. The Tsareena comes from an evolutionary line that only included females. They are known for their strong kicks, which they will proudly show off against any opponent while laughing heartily.

Tsareena are known to pick on any trainer they think is weak because they are proud and have strong morals. Still, they are ready to disobey their Trainer if their morals don’t agree with his or hers. But even though they are cocky, Tsareena is kind, as it will do anything to protect Steenee and Bounsweet before they had babies.

Serra (Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade)

In Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, Serra is the lead cleric and is known for being outspoken and bouncy.There is no doubt that she is very good at healing, but many of her friends and partners find her annoying because she is always talking and fighting over small things.

Serra is proud of both her looks and the fact that she loves hearing herself talk. At one point, she even talks to Lucius, who Serra at first thinks is a girl because he is so pretty. Near the end of her talks with Lucius, though, Serra shows a surprising empathy for him as well. Both she and Lucius had a childhood full of abuse and neglect.


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