It’s never too much of a good thing.

You can tell which types of video games people like more by how much they sell. This can happen in waves. For example, there aren’t as many Grand Theft Auto copies as there used to be. But some types of games will always be popular. Games in these types will always be popular, thanks to first-person shooters like Call of Duty and role-playing games like Final Fantasy 16.

Some types of games need more attention and, even more importantly, more games. That could be because there aren’t many of them, or the genre is so good that it needs more games, and the gaming world would be better with more. Find examples of types of games that need more games below.

Point-And-Click Adventures

Men talking around a fire in Monkey Island 2

Monkey Island and Broken Sword, two of the most popular games in this type, have won more than one award, and they still do. Still, point-and-click adventures don’t seem to be as popular as they used to be. People still like them, but they don’t start conversations like they used to.

The genre is still alive and well, as shown by games like “Disco Elysium.” It can still make some of the best games out there. We hope that this makes more game designers want to return to the point-and-click genre as a way to tell amazing stories that are also easy for people to understand. People will always want more of this kind of game, no matter how many are made.


World Of Warcraft Dragonflight Mage Portal Trainer Alregosa

Not too long ago, it seemed like every third game that came out was called a possible “WoW Killer.” This was because so many creators were trying to copy World of Warcraft‘s huge success. Some MMORPGs, like Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy 14, have done well, but I think there’s room for something new and exciting to come out.

The industry is very different from when World of Warcraft first came out, almost 20 years ago. The live-service business model and the fact that many games already have shared features built in may mean that the idea of an MMORPG is no longer useful. Even if that’s the case, it would be fun to see a new take on things with new ideas that bring back the magic we felt when we first explored the starting areas in 2004.

Real-Time Strategy

Command & Conquer Red Alert Remastered Base

The RTS genre was always associated with PC games, with Command & Conquer and Starcraft being the best examples. It doesn’t look like these game series will be back any time soon, so it feels like the age of classic RTS games is over for good.

The genre hasn’t gone away, though. It’s just changed, and now the Total War series rules it. The Total War games are great, but they feel like a genre unto themselves rather than a part of a bigger picture. There are already a lot of RTS games, but there should be even more, especially games that become popular with a lot of people.

Digital Therapeutics

Dr. Mario consults a depressed Luigi in his office during a therapy session.

The use of video games as therapy is still pretty new, but it has a lot of promise now. Stories have always had the power to heal, and many gamers have found that the story of a game has a good effect on them. There will always be this theme in video games, even as they tell new, more emotional stories.

Not long ago, no one thought that the rules and images of games could be used to help treat mental or emotional problems. The most notable is EndeavorRX by Akili Interative, a game that has been cleared by the FDA to help treat ADHD in kids. If this is how games can be used, then this is a subject that needs to be looked into more.

City Builders

SimCity 3000 Gameplay

There are still city builders around, but since the extremely terrible launch of SimCity in 2013, nothing has come up to replace it. It’s a type known for being very difficult to plan and very relaxing for some reason.

There are games like Cities: Skylines 2 that might help fill the void left by the Sim City series, but right now nothing feels quite the same. We hope that as more city-building games come out, there will be something that truly scratches that itch.

Fantasy Sports

Blood Bowl 3 Thrower throwing the ball

There are new games in series like NBA 2k and Doodle Baseball every year that are small changes to their sports game genre. The main point of these games is to simulate real sports, in this case basketball and football. On the other hand, Blood Bowl is a game about a made-up game that takes place in a magical world.

Fancy sports games are fun because they don’t have to be exact copies of real sports. They can be used as a starting point or not at all, which gives writers a lot more freedom to be creative. There are games like this coming out every once in a while, but there’s always room for more people.

Extreme Sports

A player flies through the air in SSX

Extreme sports were a big part of video games in the early 2000s. They’re even happening again now that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater has been remastered and released. When it comes to risky sports, snowboarding is one that really needs to come back.

Even though Steep tried hard, nothing has been able to recreate the magic of SSX or Cool Boarders. Maybe the time for snowboarding games is over, but if that were to change, there would be a lot of players ready to shred fresh powder.


Persephone challenging Grace in the Underworld from Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical

There are many kinds of games that are built on music. Games with rhythms like PaRappa the Rapper or games with instruments like Guitar Hero helped define their computer generations. Trombone Champ is fun to play or watch.

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical seems to make up a whole new genre or at least set of myths. The idea of a roleplaying show needs to get more attention and support because it is both new and interesting. This type of music can carry a tune, but it needs more songs to really build up to a peak.


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