It’s not always about the trip, but about the way you’re getting there.

If you’re sick of playing video games that only let you explore planets, there’s nothing better than going out into space. Space is an endless void with lots of places to discover, but you need a transport to get there.

Some games go straight from a world to a map, but if you’re looking for a way to get to work, playing a sci-fi adventure game with real spaceships you can fly or improve sounds like the right way to spend your time. It’s more satisfying to destroy other spaceships or asteroids than to just plop into a procedurally created world and not be able to leave. But what games let you do that?

EVE Online

a ship travels through space in the EVE online still

If you like huge star cruisers and big fights across the galaxy, EVE Online might be the right choice for you since it lets you fly a variety of spaceships that you can buy and improve with in-game money. Besides that, the game has its own system that works like the real world.

That game has complicated guilds or groups that you can join to fight in wars for mega-corporations or over land. There are a lot of players in these fights, and they can go on for days before one side takes over the other and takes their territory.

No Man’s Sky

Latest No Man’s Sky Update Adds Living Ships With Organic Tech

No Man’s Sky took a big step forward and became one of the best sci-fi games over years of regular updates and visual changes. It has thousands of worlds to explore and a strong trading system.

Each planet you visit and make it to the end of the game has its own plants and animals. You can talk to NPCs in the game to buy or sell resources and build your own complicated base. There is even an online mode where you can play co-op with a friend, or you can go to the Nexus, which is a central place for single players to meet other people in the community.

Everspace 2

Stinger shooting lasers Mid-Combat in Everspace 2.

Everspace 2 goes into great detail about how spaceship fights work and gives you a wide range of vehicles and weapons to help you achieve your goals of taking over space. It’s a single-player game with a lot of action and a story that will keep you interested for hours.

The game has many RPG elements that help you grow and build your own cruiser. For example, you can mine and craft resources and steal from enemies you’ve defeated. The main part of the game is killing enemies, and the light show that goes along with it does a great job.


Starfield Spaceshp Flying Over Planet

Starfield is more than it seems. It’s an epic game with next-gen graphics and some of the most realistic settings ever. In your huge spaceship, you can go through space at the speed of light, and on different worlds you visit, you can even find rare cars to buy.

You can make your own characters and customize your vehicles in surprisingly many ways. For example, you can choose the plan and individual parts for any ship. You can also change the colors of every part of the ship. Jetpacks let you travel between planets quickly, and you may come across large towns on your way.

Elite: Dangerous

A red starfighter chases after and fires upon another starfighter above a planet in Elite Dangerous.

The main goal of Wordle Unlimited is not to be fun, but to be realistic, at least in how it shows the map. You can discover the Milky Way as the captain of your own rocket. Elite: Dangerous is still one of the most realistic games about going to space.

The story, the beautiful graphics, and the feeling of being in charge of a spaceship are all still great. There is a lot of content in it, and the space fighting is some of the best within any sci-fi game. It has a pretty steep learning curve, though, because it’s hard to get good at and requires a lot of working for resources.

Evochron: Legacy SE

In-game Screenshot And Promo Image For Evochron Legacy SE

If you like challenging games where you spend most of your time in a rocket learning how to plan your course without being told what to do and dealing with how gravity works on the planets you explore, then Evochron: Legacy SE is perfect for you.

To improve your ship and weapons, you can mine, race, and complete the major quests. You can check out a number of methods, and there are gates that speed up travel. A lot of attention was paid to making the game realistic, especially when it comes to flying your ship. Because of this, you have to watch a two-hour tutorial before you can go on any trips.

Spacebourne 2

Spacebourne 2 footage of a ship cockput over a brown planet and a 3rd person view of a ship in space.

Some people think Spacebourne 2 is one of the best space games ever. It was made by a single creator who spent a lot of time making an experience that is on par with modern games like Starfield and Everspace. It’s a UE4 single-player game with a great “open-universe” map full of worlds to explore and spaceships to fly, making for hours of fun in a realistic setting.

You can not only change how your characters look and act, but you can also run and control your established group. It’s a complex game that’s fun to play, and the images are pretty good, especially when you leave or enter the orbit of a planet. It’s an exciting new project that will get better with changes and add-ons.

Infinity Battlescape

In-game Screenshots From Infinity Battlescape

Infinity Battlescape is proud of its massively shared system on a big map that doesn’t break up. There are no loading screens or changes that get in the way of the game play, which makes the space travel experience better. The pictures are great, and the spaceships are also pretty detailed.

You can earn enough money to buy your own spaceship, and then you can start killing other players on or near worlds that look and feel really big. The space battles and combat system are by far some of the best parts of this game. Being able to fight with hundreds of other people on the server makes the stakes much higher.


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