The Indian education system recognises the Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE as one of the most thoughtfully designed curricula. There are various schools affiliated to this board. Many of them are boarding schools that allow students to become self-dependent. CBSE schools usually provide top-notch academic excellence and emphasis on the holistic development of students. The curriculum designed by CBSE prepares students for further education and professional programmes. CBSE further motivates schools to use technology in teaching and learning, making it ideal for students who are interested in mathematics, science, engineering and technology fields. 

If you want your children to follow the CBSE curriculum in a residential setup, here is a guide to the best CBSE boarding schools in India

1. SelaQui International School

One of the most recognised CBSE residential schools in Dehradun, SelaQui International School, stands on sprawling 52 acres of lush greenery. The school fosters excellence, leadership and values among students. Its progressive learning approach has made it one of the top boarding schools in Uttarakhand and all over India. The school has a co-educational setup that allows every student to excel in his/her chosen field. The CBSE-based curriculum of this school is curated around collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication, citizenship and character development. 

SelaQui International School inspires young minds to boost their true potential. Students receive education of the highest international standards within the context of a culturally creative community. As a boarding school, SelaQui International School creates a safe and secure environment for students where they can learn about different ethnicities, cultures and nations. This school hires top-tier educators who encourage students to adapt to new life skills besides gaining expertise in academics. To create a balance between extensive learning and life, the school boasts various leadership opportunities, clubs, excursions and extracurriculars. 

2. Jain International Residential School

Founded by The JGI Group, Jain International Residential School was established in 1999. It is a CBSE-affiliated school that has been in business for over two decades. Like any other school that follows the CBSE guidelines, this one also focuses on instilling independence, ethnic awareness and leadership in students. This Karnataka-based co-educational residential school has set the highest educational standards for students. Beyond academics, the primary purpose of the school is to develop a student’s overall personality. In addition to a wide range of courses for students from classes IV to XII, extracurriculars like badminton and gymnastics and English communication are strongly emphasised. 

3. The Asian School

There is no denying the fact that Dehradun harbours some of the best boarding schools in the country. Out of these schools, The Asian School also deserves a special mention. Affiliated with the CBSE, it is a co-educational boarding school that merges age-old values with progressive educational methods. The Asian School follows an English medium curriculum from Nursery to Class XII, preparing students to face future challenges. Equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, the school supports both scholastic and co-curricular activities. The Asian School’s vibrant student environment, emphasised by a variety of events, cultural displays and physical activities, demonstrates the school’s dedication to overall development, developing a spirit of togetherness and camaraderie among its students.

4. Ecole Globale International Girls School

Set on a 45-acre land in Dehradun, Ecole Globale International Girls School is one of the top-rated boarding schools for girls. The stunning views of mountains and cool breeze set a perfect educational ambience for young girls. The school offers a well-developed learning system that teaches pupils to think and communicate positively and to instil qualities such as independence. The institution received the National Excellence Award for its innovative teaching methods and is ranked among India’s top ten universities.

5. Scindia School

Renamed from the Sardar School to Scindia School in 1999 by Scindia. It is a prominent boys’ boarding school in Gwalior, offering breathtaking views of the city. The school is built on the picturesque Gwalior Fort, and it offers a rich culture and regal legacy. The school is compelled to instil academic skills and a healthy outlook in each student. Scindia School got connected with CBSE in 1897 and was named one of the finest boarding schools in India. The institution used to solely educate royal offspring, but it eventually began allowing people of all backgrounds.

6. The Lawrence School 

One of Asia’s oldest co-educational institutions, The Lawrence School is a CBSE-affiliated school. Established in 1847, this is one of the most-recognised boarding schools in India. The Central Board of Secondary Education uses innovative techniques to explore students’ abilities and instil distinguishing values such as independence, integrity, awareness, and devotion. The school boasts 139 acres of land and an engaging tutorial system for developing practical learning.

7. Chinmaya International Residential School

Located in Tamil Nadu, Chinmaya International Residential School is one of the top boarding schools in India to offer autonomous, responsible and forward-thinking leaders. The school administrators feel that the future of the nation is entirely dependent on the productive capacities of its kids. Deep learning, time management, and care all contribute to quality and capacity. The school is affiliated with CBSE and promotes the spiritual curriculum, in which pupils are taught how to instil nonviolence and a good mindset.

8. Welham Boys’ School

Located in Dehradun, the Welham Boys’ School is another CBSE-affiliated boarding school in India. It focuses on providing a healthy atmosphere for students that pushes them to become responsible citizens of tomorrow. The cool temperatures of the valley make it an ideal school for kids. Students will learn in a perfect environment spread across 30 acres away from the local rush and bustle of the city. Moreover, the school places equal focus on sports and other cultural activities like yoga and gymnastics. 

Final Thoughts

For parents, it can be difficult to send their children off to boarding schools. However, these schools provide a great learning environment where children can adapt some important values and skills which they can use beyond academics. Hopefully, this list of schools will help you make an informed decision regarding getting your children admitted to a top CBSE boarding school in India. Furthermore, these schools provide equal focus on extracurriculars so that your kids can have a fun time. 


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