Having an SEO strategy is different from implementing simple SEO with results that can only be appreciated in the short term. Especially in reference to how SEO is done in daily practice, the difference between black hat SEO and white hat SEO makes sense . 

Black hat SEO

The expressions “black hat” and “white hat” derive from hacker culture where they refer to the morality of the hacker’s actions and the goals he pursues. There are violations of computer systems, in fact, carried out by “gentleman” hackers intent on demonstrating in good faith their vulnerability and computer pirates who operate in the field of cyberwar with the primary objective of preventing the most varied forms of digital surveillance,iidefending the citizens: it is the “nobility” of the objectives pursued that allows us to consider even what are in all respects hacker attacks like these “white hat” activities.

Similarly, when we talk about white hat SEO we are referring to all those measures or even tricks that help improve the positioning of web content and push it up among the search results and do so by respecting the guidelines of the search engine. Doing white hat SEO ensures long-lasting results, although generally more evident in the long term, and of not being penalized by search engines. Search engines that instead profess to penalize, in some cases even de-indexing the contents, sites that engage in spamindex  or black hat SEO , i.e. trying to “deceive” the search engine algorithms by controversially and forcibly applying certain measures based on good positioning of your content.

The mistake we commonly risk falling into when trying to distinguish between black hat and white hat SEO, moreover, is believing that there are specific black hat SEO tactics and white hat SEO tactics: each SEO tactic is potentially a black hat SEO tactic and a white hat SEO tactic at the same time, depending on how and for what purpose it is used.

Inserting the phrase or keyword several times, for example, and paying attention to doing so in those sections of the document most likely to be read by users and search engines is essential to writing a good SEO text, but at the same time exceeding the recurrence of the keyword in the body of the text (so-called keyword stuffing ) is considered by search engines to be a malicious action and therefore to be penalised.

This does not mean that there are no practices that can be more clearly branded as black hat SEO techniques: letting search engine crawlers index a page other than the one actually viewed by the user (cloaking), for example, or inserting into the page to optimize invisible text containing a high concentration of keywords, even in some cases keywords with high traffic but not very relevant to your content. There is a single white hat SEO technique instead, according to experts, which consists in writing a natural text designed to be readable and of value for users first and, only later, in the eyes of the engines of research.


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