Shipping and naval careers have been the best choice among many aspirants, to go into the career of navy and sea, which is not only exciting but also a great responsibility. A lot of recognition and growth is expected in the maritime and shipping industry. Thus people are often seen stressing and acquiring knowledge about various related aspects such as the DG Shipping Elearning. There are many exciting and challenging factors as well about the shipping industry, and if you are keen to learn more about it and the popular courses and training programs associated with shipping, then this read is for you!

Why Is The Shipping Industry A Popular Career Prospect

Among the diverse range of career options now widely available to students to choose and select from, shipping and naval careers are some of the most sought-after ones, since they have a range of attractive opportunities. This might also be the reason why many people try to pursue their career in this field. The benefits and responsibilities of the maritime industry have driven a lot of aspirants to pursue it as their career, in recent years. 

First of all, shipping is a global career and if you are someone who loves to travel all around the world, then there is no better option for you than shipping. With a chance to work and learn on a large scale, shipping provides a global reach to all those who are a part of it.

In global trade, shipping has an important role to play, and due to this the need for seafarers, professionals, and maritime experts, will never be lost. Therefore, the shipping industry provides job security which is an important step in any career.

Apart from job security, the shipping and maritime industry gives competitive salaries, compensation, and attractive opportunities to work for. You must have been aware of the craze for a merchant navy salary.

Moreover, with various courses and specializations available in this industry, the candidates can choose from the various career paths that are in front of them, according to their interests.

Also, the shipping industry provides individual growth and development of the candidates since they are exposed to wide opportunities and situations. 

These many and more reasons are behind the huge popularity of the shipping and maritime industry as a wonderful career choice to go for, as this also enhances one’s prestige and honor. 

Various Courses And Training In the Maritime Industry

The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW), sets certain specific standards for seafaring on a global scale. Its primary aspect is to look into matters of safety, marine life protection, and maintaining the quality of maritime education and training. To keep up with these standards that are already set, there are many courses related to the different aspects of the shipping and maritime industry. The Seafarers and interested students must all abide by the standards set by STCW, and adhere to the respective eligibility and regulations.

Personal Safety and Social Responsibility Course (PSSR)

For individuals who want to pursue shipping as their career, PSSR is an important course for them. Designed to help the students know about the importance and skills of personal safety, social responsibilities, and emergency responses while shipping, PSSR includes a wide range of topics as such. The potential hazards, health, hygiene, etc., are all important study topics in the PSSR course, which is a mandatory requirement as prescribed by STCW. While it is initial training in the shipping industry, the knowledge learned in this course remains with the Seafarers throughout their careers, helping them in time.


Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties is a specialized training program that helps Seafarers gain knowledge about anti-piracy and maritime security concepts. With a piece of global knowledge and learning, the candidates can easily learn ways to perform designated security duties with utmost perfection. Maritime security is a crucial and responsible aspect of shipping and learning the basics and practicalities of the same becomes of utmost importance. This training program is also as per the requirements of STCW, for Seafarers with Designated Duties.

Personal Survival Techniques (PST)

This is a course that is specially designed to help seafarers learn various skills and tactics to survive in times of emergencies and unexpected disasters. It includes various aspects of safety techniques with which the Seafarers can learn to cope in times of difficulty. PST is mandatory as regulated by STCW and is a critical component of safety training for all the crew members who are on the ship.

Refresher Course For Personal Survival Techniques (RPST)

This course is a specialized training program that is attended by those individuals who have completed the PST course but need to refresh and update their knowledge. The RPST ensures that the Seafarers are always updated about the new skills and knowledge about their survival techniques and tactics. Mandated by the STCW, this course aims to provide basic training and newer innovations in the curriculum. The STCW understands the need to regularly enhance and update the safety and survival training for Seafarers, and therefore RPCT has gained much attention in recent years.


The shipping and maritime industry is therefore a great choice these days for many young aspirants who are looking for some thrill and adventure. However, it is important to remember that shipping and maritime comes with a lot of responsibility and knowledge related to the field. Proper training, learning of basic knowledge, and appropriate skills for security and survival which is a must to remember while shipping, is all that is needed for a good seafaring experience. 

The global nature, the wide-ranging opportunities, competitive salaries, and reputation and honor, are all what lures the many candidates. Therefore it is important that all the important courses, training programs, and regulations should be kept in mind while selecting the maritime and shipping industry as a career prospect. Make sure you get appropriate guidance and expert advice so that you can make the best choices. 


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