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QuickBooks has long been the gold standard in small business accounting software. With its user-friendly interface, robust features and insightful reporting, it’s easy to see why over 5 million businesses rely on QuickBooks to manage their finances. However, every few years Intuit releases a major new version of QuickBooks with exciting new capabilities that can really take your accounting to the next level. QuickBooks 2024 is slated for release in early 2023, and it promises to be the most significant upgrade in years. Here’s an overview of what you can expect in QuickBooks 2024, and why upgrading makes good financial sense for just about any QuickBooks user.

Take Advantage of Improved Automation

One of the big themes in QuickBooks 2024 is improved automation to save you time. For starters, the new Duplicate Detection feature will automatically flag duplicate transactions, helping you avoid accidental double payments. QuickBooks will also prompt you to capture mileage when logging mileage-related expenses, eliminating a manual step. And the new Purchase Order Capture feature will allow you to convert purchase orders into received inventory or bills with just a click. These automation enhancements allow you to get more accounting done in less time.

Take the Pain Out of Payroll

Running payroll is one of the more complex aspects of QuickBooks, but version 2024 aims to simplify payroll management. The new Payroll Dashboard provides an instant overview of payroll liabilities, pay schedules, payroll summaries and more. You’ll be able to process payroll faster with Quick Payroll entry, which allows you to enter payroll data without leaving the payroll tab. And for those who offer direct deposit, you’ll appreciate the new Direct Deposit manager that lets you easily view, change and manage direct deposit accounts. Altogether, these improvements make payroll much less painful.

Work Faster with an Enhanced UI

Some of the biggest time savers in QuickBooks 2024 are UI enhancements designed for speed. Multi-monitor support allows you to view reports, charts, lists and forms all at the same time on multiple screens. Enhanced search makes it easy to instantly find transactions by vendor, amount, status and other criteria. There are also new custom home pages you can create to quickly access frequently used features and reports. Together these UI upgrades will help you fly through your QuickBooks work.

See Deeper Insights with Advanced Reporting

QuickBooks has always offered solid reporting, but QB 2024 takes insights to the next level. The new Cash Flow Planner provides projected cash flow based on forecasted sales and expenses over any date range. It allows you to easily see potential shortfalls and plan accordingly. There are also additional pre-built reports for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and Sales orders to uncover valuable trends and insights. And with Report Groups you can customize reports together for one-click access to exactly the data you need.

Stay Up-To-Date with On-The-Go Access

Keeping up with business on the go just got easier. QuickBooks Online 2024 allows you to create invoices, record expenses, manage bills and more all from your mobile device. The QuickBooks Mobile App offers offline access when internet connectivity is limited. And Desktop Sync ensures your QB desktop and online data is always in sync. Portable PDFs of invoices, bills, profit/loss statements and other documents makes printing from anywhere a breeze. So you’ll never be left out of the loop on accounting activity when traveling or remote.

Integrate with More Business Systems

QuickBooks already connects with many best-of-breed business applications. But QB 2024 takes integration to a new level with over 1,000 apps available on the QuickBooks App Store. New integrations allow you to sync data with POS systems, ecommerce platforms, payment processors, email marketing tools, document management software, payroll systems and much more. This gives you a seamless small business ecosystem to improve efficiency.

Enjoy an Improved User Experience

Beyond new features, QuickBooks Upgrade 2024 provides a stellar user experience. The software is fully optimized for Windows 11, with a slick interface similar to Microsoft 365. Improved search, customizable home pages, and a newly streamlined chart builder make it more intuitive than ever to use. And features like the Process Maps that walk you through complex accounting workflows provide helpful on-screen guidance. Plus, QuickBooks 2024 offers expanded online training resources like tutorial videos and webinars to help you optimize your learning curve.

Ready for a QuickBooks Upgrade?

As you can see, QuickBooks 2024 packs some amazing new capabilities to automate accounting, streamline payroll, speed up workflows, provide deeper insights, and create an overall better user experience. Upgrading will allow you to work faster and smarter – avoiding the risk of falling behind on features. And making the switch is smooth, with professional QuickBooks support there to assist you every step of the way. So when QuickBooks 2024 launches early next year, say yes to upgrading and no to being left behind! You’ll be glad you did.


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