The 21st century has witnessed the advent of several highly efficient and customised worktop materials. Yet, marble remains a sought-after choice for homeowners and interior designers alike. This gorgeous natural stone can single handedly transform interior spaces from mediocre to stunning. 

5 Reasons to Install White Marble Worktops in Your Kitchen

Marble is available in various alluring colours and veining patterns. As far as kitchen worktops are concerned, white marble is unanimously popular. Here are 5 noteworthy reasons to install white marble worktops in your kitchen:-

  1. One-of-a-kind Aesthetics– Each slab features distinct white-grey shade variations and natural veining patterns. The touch of refinement and elegance is a class apart from all other materials.
  2. Reflective Properties– Homeowners searching online for ‘worktop installers near me’ should assess their kitchen space. For dimly lit and small kitchens, the reflective property of white marble worktops is a boon.
  3. Long-lasting– To make a long-term value addition to your home, installing marble is the best choice. Of course, one has to be proactive in caring for and maintaining marble surfaces for higher durability.
  4. Cool Surface– For several baking pursuits that involve handling dough, chocolate, ice cream, and so on, having a low-temperature worktop is necessary. With their excellent heat resistance, marble worktops are apt for these requirements.
  5. Physical Resistance– Given the intensive pressure and exorbitantly high temperature involved in the recrystallisation of limestone to marble, the physical endurance of marble is quite high. It might not be as hard as granite but a fairly durable natural stone.

How to Clean and Care for White Marble Worktops?

Many homeowners rush straight to browsing ‘worktop installers near me’ and making impulse purchases on marble worktops. Before having any marble surface installed in your home, it is necessary to be well-acquainted with cleaning and maintenance requirements of this material. Incorrect cleaning and negligent maintenance will rapidly deteriorate the longevity of marble surfaces. Here are some important pointers regarding cleaning and caring for white marble worktops:-

  1. White marble is prone to etching from even slightly acidic substances. So, make sure you wipe any spills from the surface without delay.
  2. Always handle with care to avoid scratching and chips. Use a very soft sponge or a microfibre cloth to clean the surface.
  3. A mild soap or a gentle cleanser (approved for marble surfaces) should be used. Never use a homemade or DIY cleaner for white marble worktops.
  4. The high porosity of marble makes sealing necessary at least once a year, or sometimes more. In the case of white marble, only a sealant approved by your supplier or fabricator should be used.
  5. Marble is certainly more heat resistant as compared to various manufactured worktop materials. Yet, one should exercise caution and use trivets and mats for placing hot pots and pans.
  6. It is often assumed that stains will be more visible on white marble surfaces. But once removed using baking soda or diluted hydrogen peroxide, it leaves a whitish mark on the surface. It is least visible on white marble as compared to other coloured variants.


White marble kitchen worktops offer a winning combination of beauty and practicality. When maintained well, these are an excellent value-addition for both traditional and modern-themed kitchens. The ethereal luminescence of white marble will always be in harmony with all kinds of kitchen interiors, colour palettes, and design choices. If you are keen on installing white marble in your kitchen, always seek assistance from a certified and well-experienced team. Not only will they ensure optimal sealing, but they will also take you through the cleaning and maintenance directives scrupulously.


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