Generally, when friends go to the store and want to buy travel bags, this always happens, that is, the store clerk recommends some travel bags to you, but usually, they are not what you want.

Maybe the store clerk recommends them from his perspective, but you don’t want them. If the customer’s needs are not informed, then the clerk’s recommendation will be relatively blind.

Therefore, during the negotiation process, it is best for customers to explain to the clerk the purpose and intention of purchasing a travel bag. This will also save time and allow you to buy the right one.

Travel bags, how can you buy a travel bag that suits your own characteristics? Generally speaking, you need to know the following points:


  • The general requirements should be explained first, such as size, so that the clerk can have a general understanding of your needs; related off-topic: Capacity, price, brand, etc. that you should know when purchasing a travel bag.
  • Discuss with the store clerk more about the features of the travel backpack that are important to you to see which performance features you need. Some friends want better breathability, others want it to be lightweight, and Some friends use it for mountaineering, and their needs are different. Some need a lot of external pockets to store things, etc.;
  • Choose what type of travel bag according to your body shape. Different travel bags are suitable for different people who are tall, short, fat, and thin;
  • When you have almost made your choice, try to carry the travel bag on your back to see if it fits your back, adjust the tightness, and then feel it again so that you can understand it; You can also view it at luggage discount code NHS
  • Experience it again – put on your backpack and walk a few laps. 
  • Other travel bag-related accessories should also be chosen well.

Tips for buying travel luggage

Travel luggage is made of various types of leather, artificial leather, synthetic leather, plastics, and textiles as fabrics, with plywood, plastic sheets, and cardboard as inner tubes, and is made with hot pressing or vacuum molding, injection molding, and sewing processes.

A kind of travel tool that functions as clothing. According to the category classification, it mainly includes trolley travel bags, backpack travel bags, and portable travel bags. So how to buy it? The editor will analyze it for you below


  • By observing the overall appearance, a good travel bag must have the following overall characteristics: it must have a straight shape and straight teeth; it should be stable when placed and cannot be skewed.
  • The travel bag fabric must not have defects, the fabric must not have obvious bumps or marks, and the main parts of the textile fabric must not have defects such as broken warp, broken weft, skipped yarn, etc.
  • Check the quality of travel bag accessories: The main accessories of travel bags include rain covers, hooks, rings, decorative parts, etc. In addition, special attention should be paid to accessories such as drawbars, wheels, and travel bag locks for trolley travel bags.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the surface of the accessories is smooth and free of burrs; the metal coating is bright and free of rust; the surface coating of the spray-painted parts is uniform in color and free of spray leakage and peeling.
  • For trolley travel bags, special attention should be paid to the wear and shock resistance of the wheels and trolleys. Buyers also purchase at tui discount code NHS.
  • Pay attention to the load-bearing performance of the travel bag. If possible, you can try it when purchasing. After testing travel bags of different specifications under specified load-bearing conditions, the straps, handles, side handles, side pull straps, and side mops are not broken, deformed, loose, or damaged.
  • Look at the zipper strength of the travel bag. The main categories of zippers include injection zippers, nylon zippers, and metal zippers. Each type of zipper has different models and different requirements for flat pull strength.
  • Check the stitching strength of the travel bag. The stitching strength of travel bags is required to be no less than 196N.
  • Check the color fastness of the fabric of the travel bag by rubbing it to ensure that it does not fade. It is required that dry wipes should not be less than level 4 and wet wipes should not be less than level 3. Customers also visit at eBay discount code NHS


  1. When purchasing a travel bag, you should choose a travel bag that suits you according to your actual needs. For example: choose the size of the backpack you want to buy based on the length of time you will be traveling, and choose whether it is a trolley travel bag or a backpack travel bag based on the type of travel you are going to take.8
  2. Check the key parts of the travel bag when purchasing. The most important levers and rollers of a trolley travel bag should be paid special attention to when purchasing. When using a backpack, pay attention to whether the straps are strong enough and whether the stitching to the bag is defective.
  3. Choose well-known merchants and brands. Generally, good-quality travel bags pay more attention to details, with appropriate color matching, neat stitching, uniform stitch lengths, no exposed threads, smooth and flawless fabrics, no bubbles, no exposed burrs, and bright metal accessories. Choose well-known merchants and brands to get better after-sales protection
  4. Check the label identification. Products produced by regular manufacturers should be marked with product name, product standard number, specifications and models, materials, name and address of the production unit, inspection mark, contact number, etc.

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