You’re prepared to buy solar panels, then. You’ve completed your homework, crunched the statistics, and even looked into the state-specific tax breaks. What happens next? To make your concept a reality, how do you locate a solar installer?

Sorting through the numerous local and global businesses competing for your business might seem like an overwhelming chore. However, you may locate the ideal installation by using the same procedure you would use to find any other kind of contractor: vetting possible service providers, seeking referrals from friends, and obtaining numerous quotations to get the best deal. This is a comprehensive guide that will help you locate, screen, and hire the best solar installation for your house.

Read Reviews And Complaints

Solar installers are vulnerable to public criticism and evaluations, just like any other service. It’s like perusing the reviews of your preferred eatery. It could be worthwhile. The people who have chosen to write such reviews might also have a big influence. 

In other words, it’s simply one piece of knowledge among many. To examine evaluations of a particular installation, start by visiting the Better Business Bureau and entering their information. Consider every individual case with a grain of salt and concentrate on any larger patterns you observe.


A key consideration when selecting a solar panel provider is quality. How long has your provider been in business? Has it continued to provide its services consistently? Indeed, a few newer businesses do well. 

At the very least, a seasoned supplier would be familiar with handling particular problems. Good warranty terms would also be provided by long-term players. Choose a business that has been in the sector for a minimum of five years.

Clearly State What You Need And Prefer

Additionally, you want to let them know what qualities a solar firm should have. Would you rather pay for your power usage on an as-needed basis or have a fixed-cost agreement? Regarding payment schedules, are you interested in making quarterly, yearly, or monthly payments? Do you find a long-term contract problematic? Make careful inquiries about these and other matters from your possible solar provider. Tell them exactly what you want and how you want it to function after your system is installed.

Excellent Customer Service

You may want to look at customer evaluations on that firm if you’re trying to get the ideal present for your parents. It’s advisable to review the company’s warranties and ascertain the duration (if any) required to obtain a refund if your system fails to generate electricity within the anticipated range.

Reviews are an excellent source of information about businesses that stand behind their goods. If the business is well-known, you will be able to make your purchase with greater assurance.

Credibility and Expertise

Look for installers who are informed about every facet of the procedure and have experience installing solar equipment. Working with installers who have at least three years of experience is a smart idea. Inquire about their length of operation and the number of solar energy systems they have installed. 

Ask plenty of questions, in fact, such as: Which modules do they utilize, and why? Can they explain in detail the solar incentives you qualify for and how they operate? What information can they provide you with regarding warranty coverage if an issue arises with a part of the energy system after installation?

Workmanship Warranties: What Is And Is Not Covered

Knowing who to contact in the unusual event that something goes wrong with your solar panel installation is vital. Your solar energy system is covered by some warranties, including workmanship guarantees from your installation and manufacturer warranties for various components. 

The craftsmanship guarantee, which usually lasts between one and ten years, is particular to the job that the solar panel installation does. Make sure you ask the installer about the warranty’s contents, any exceptions, and any costs you may incur should they need to come out and inspect or repair any equipment.

Get To Know The Team

Find out who will be handling your project. The in-house team members of full-service solar installers finish all project phases, including design, installation, and continuing monitoring and maintenance. Subcontractors are used by many solar firms at various points during the process. These individuals most often lack the training and credentials that a full-service solar installer possesses.

Careful With Sales Tactics

Solar energy is quickly gaining popularity as a source of electricity for homes and businesses. Installers that give the highest-quality items don’t need to use any additional tricks to get you to buy them, but you should be wary of solar panel companies that offer discounts or phony prices in exchange for worse quality since this might lead to a hasty purchase.

Think About Certification

Certification serves as a guarantee for the cautious and accurate installation of the panels. Numerous certifications are customer-driven accreditations that specify stringent qualifications for the company to meet.

Verify If They Have Established Clear Policies

You wouldn’t want to collaborate with someone who ignores crucial information. Thus, find out about the working procedures of your installer, including their scaffolding approach. If they’re compromising their employees’ fundamental safety, that should raise as many red flags as a matador pointing at a bull. Additionally, make sure to read through their terms and conditions to understand what is and isn’t covered. If the new sales for solar panels installer attempts to avoid accountability for any important details, that’s another warning flag. Nobody likes surprises, particularly when they might cost you money on energy.


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