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If you want to make your product stand out then kraft boxes are the best option to create a rustic look. Kraft packaging has become increasingly popular in the past few years for creating a natural look for products. 

The simple brown cardboard material gives off an organic vibe to your box. That’s why brands aim to associate with their goods. In this modern era, the world is dominated by flashy, eye-catchy colourful packaging. 

So kraft paper offers a reviving change to step off. If you are the one who is looking to give your product a wholesome aesthetic, then a kraft pack is a fantastic option. 

The rough, unbleached texture and fibres are naturally rustic. With some creative choices, you can enhance that natural charm even further. Here are some tips for using custom kraft packaging boxes to showcase your product which will stand you out for others. 

Choose the Right Material For Your Kraft Packaging 

Not all krafts are created equal. Thicker cardboard and paper will have more texture, looking handcrafted and rough. Thinner, lighter kraft can still achieve a rustic look but won’t be quite as sturdy or marked.

Some heavier materials like cardstock are great for packaging that needs to hold up to wear and tear. More delicate items can go in tissue paper or lighter kraft bags.

Some are completely unprocessed, which increases the organic factor. But some others have a coating for gloss effects or moisture resistance. You can add embossing effects to your box material too. 

Just decide what properties make the most sense for safe packaging and presenting your product as eco-friendly.

Encompass Natural Elements for Products Packaging 

The rustic pleasing flourishes on natural materials and textures. Incorporate these things through kraft highlights and embellishments. Plastic bag material intertwined delivers an earthy, crafty look while keeping bundles secure. 

Every customer goes the extra mile to look at their products like leather ties, wood beads, and many more adding organic interest. Compact pines, dried flowers, leaves, or other grassed items can beautify kraft packaging for seasonal products. 

Use kraft paper of different thicknesses and textures. Pair a thick cardboard box with clear tracing paper wrapped around the contents. Tuck a branded kraft bag inside the box. 

Kraft sheets layered and folded with delicate tissue paper make a pretty reveal upon opening. Mixing these points to create a unique look for your products packaging. 

Simple, clean designs allow the kraft’s natural beauty to shine. But don’t be afraid to get creative with cut-outs, stamps, or eco-friendly decorations. Just avoid going overboard into tacky fields. The goal is rustic charm, not messy.

Incorporate Hampered Elements For Kraft Containers 

What do you think about the handmade things from these kraft papers? Handwritten calligraphy instantly gives a simple and natural vibe to your box. You just need an expert crafter who can customise your box as you demand. 

Make sure any hand-done embellishments align with your brand identity. The rustic style should come through naturally, not appear unnatural. Customers who value reliability may notice when handiwork seems impersonal or forced. 

But thoughtful, small details can delight buyers who appreciate craftsmanship.

Choose Classified Colours For Kraft Boxes 

Stick with natural, earthy colour palettes to accentuate the kraft’s organic style. Warm browns, fanciers, tans, and other detached tones keep things cohesive. Adding a pop of colour works when chosen carefully. 

Forest green, deep red, sky blue – these rustic yet lively shades complement the brown cardboard foundation. Just don’t go over the top with bright colours that detract from the earthy vibe. Because customers do not like it. 

Different shades of kraft foster different impressions. Light brown seems delicate and demure. Darker variations feel richer and more textured. Deep chocolate brown kraft strikes an elegant, sophisticated rustic note. 

Everyone sees the colours from different directions. Try coloured tissue paper linings to subtly pick up the colours from your logo and designs. The logo should be clear with the colours. So it can be easily read. 

Add Flexibility To Your Kraft Packaging 

Add flexibility allows brands across industries to create boxes, bags, tags, and packaging with an inviting, eco-friendly feel. From custom packaging boxes to specialty foods, kraft lends an approachable, genuine feel. 

No matter what you’re selling, follow these tips to leverage Kraft’s rustic charm in your packaging. Partner with printers and packagers who understand how to maximise this material’s potential. With smart design choices, your product will make a wonderful natural impression on buyers.

Connecting the Dots!

To cut it short, achieving a homemade, wholesome look for your product packaging is easy with Kraft. At Viveprinting, they specialise in kraft packaging that helps clients’ brands connect with eco-conscious consumers.

Customers who value simplicity and a natural look. Let them customise rustic packaging that showcases your product beautifully. With Kraft’s help, your company can craft an authentic brand image that resonates for the long catch.


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