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All of us drink coffee on daily basis, but how many of us know the different types of coffee beans? Well, hardly a few. If you are a true coffee lover, to appreciate and enjoy your coffee more, you must acknowledge yourself about the most prominent types of coffee available in the market.

Usually, when we think about the different types of coffee, all we consider is the source of origin and the roasting process. Now, while this information is helpful in understanding what to expect from a given coffee, it is not enough. Therefore, here we have discussed the four most important types of coffee and what makes each one of them unique.

Characteristics of the Top 4 Types of Coffee

The four prominent types of coffee are:

  1. Coffee Arabica
  2. Coffee Caniphora or Robusta
  3. Coffee Liberica
  4. Coffee Liberica var. Dewevrei or Excelsa


When browsing the coffee aisle at a grocery store, it is common to encounter bags of coffee labeled as “Arabica Coffee” or “Arabica Beans”. This variety of coffee beans is widely renowned for its high quality and is among the most sought-after types of coffee. Grown at high altitudes, Arabica coffee requires specific growing conditions to thrive, including a steady supply of rainfall and ample shade.

Despite its delicate requirements, Arabica coffee is relatively easy to cultivate and can be produced in large quantities. Its flavor profile is mild yet full-bodied, with a delightfully aromatic scent. This combination of quality, flavor, and aroma make Arabica coffee a top choice among coffee connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.


The next in line is Robusta coffee. They are the second most well-known and most produced coffee in the world. As the name suggests, Robusta is a strong coffee and provides immunity against a variety of diseases.

Robusta beans are best grown in hot areas. It can grow at different altitudes as it doesn’t need regular rainfalls. Compared to Arabica, Robusta beans have two times the amount of caffeine and are thus chosen by individuals who desire a real boost. Nevertheless, one has to accept the harsh flavor it possesses.

The beans are pretty smooth in texture and are said to have a chocolate hint in them. This chocolaty hint makes Robusta a perfect coffee to have with milk and sugar.


Liberica coffee beans are the hardest types of beans in the world. They are a rare treat that grows in very specific climates. The production is far too less to satisfy the needs of a global market.

Liberica beans are bigger and are well-known for having an irregular shape. They have a very unique aroma, and users prefer them for their fruity and floral flavor. Also, some users describe its flavor as somewhat ‘woody’.


Usually, Excelsa beans are classified as coffee beans belonging to the Liberica family. However, they are very different in taste compared to Liberica. Excelsa beans are primarily grown in Southeast Asia and represent a very little amount of the world’s total coffee production. Excelsa offers a very bitter yet fruitier flavor and shows the characteristics of both – light and dark roast beans.

In simple words, Excelsa beans offer a taste that is usually only preferred by strong coffee enthusiasts.

What to Buy?

Selecting the right type of coffee bean to purchase can be simplified by determining your preferred method of consumption. Whether you enjoy a classic hot black coffee or a cold coffee with ice and creamer, the choice of bean can vary. For those who appreciate a pure coffee flavor, any of the previously mentioned beans can be used except for Robusta, which has a stronger taste that is often paired with cream and sugar.

After going through the above article, you might have all the info related to the various types of coffee beans on your fingertips. Thus, get all set to make your choice today.


Nevertheless, if that is what you enjoy, Robusta will prove to be a wonderful choice. Well, there you have a full run-through of the most prominent types of coffee beans. Keep the info mentioned here in mind while buying coffee for yourself or as a gift for a loved one next time. sp5der


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