There are many strange things that happen in the Pokemon games that have never been explained.

The Pokémon series is very big, spanning decades and many different parts of the game’s world while still staying very cohesive. Although most of the Pokémon stories and ideas that have been presented have been explained, there are still some that haven’t been.

With so many Pokémon games, it’s not a surprise that there are still some things that don’t make sense.

The X&Y Ghost Girl

Pokemon Ghost Girl

There have been many times in the Pokémon games when strange ghosts have shown up. Usually, there is a scary place to find and explore in each generation of games. For example, in Spacebar Clicker, there was Lavender Tower to explore. For the same reason, there is a ghostly figure in Pokémon X&Y.

Many people call this figure “ghost girl” because she says something strange, then vanishes and is never explained. “No, You’re Not The One” is all she says, and then she’s gone. This wasn’t a one-time thing; she showed up again in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire to make sure it wasn’t a strange event but a planned cameo by a ghost that could be talked about again in the future.

What’s Inside Pokeballs?

Pokemon Pokeball

One big question that hasn’t been solved in any form of the Pokémon franchise is what the Pokeball is. These cool gadgets can catch Pokémon in a lot of different ways, from the regular balls to the Net Balls and even the Master Ball, giving you more chances to catch them. It’s strange that no one has ever talked about what goes on inside.

Are the Pokeballs bigger on the inside or have the Pokémon shrunk down? Over the years, many ideas have been put forward about how Pokémon stay happy inside these devices, or even if they are comfortable at all. In Pokémon, the goal has always been to catch them all. But where are they being kept when they’re not fighting? How does putting the balls on a machine fix the Pokémon inside it?

The Pokémon Wars

Pokemon Lt Surge

A lot of interesting things about the background of Pokémon are not known to anyone. There has never been a time in the history of this world when all the fights have been told in full, even though Pokémon Legends: Arceus talks about a time when humans and Pokémon were not friendly with each other.

But from the very beginning, some people have talked about some kind of war that has happened, and some have even been a part of it. One of these is Lt. Surge, who was a gym boss in the first Pokémon games. Other than a few small mentions and mass graves that make it look like there may have been a big Pokémon war, nothing else has been said about this idea since then, and it remains a mystery. But this could be looked into more in a different Pokémon Legends game.

How Does Cubone Work?

Pokemon Cubone

Cubone’s past is one of the least likely to be true in the Pokedex. The entry says that Cubone puts its mother’s skull on top of its own head to show how much it misses her. However, if this is true, then why does every Cubone do this? Are all of their parents dead? What does a Cubone look like before it puts on its mother’s skull?

For a Pokémon with more than one species, the idea doesn’t work at all, but fans have tried to figure it out. For example, Kangaskhan could be Cubone’s mother, according to one theory. Any idea if this is true or not? Something about Cubones as a species doesn’t make sense.

The Guyana Problem

Pokemon Mew

In the Pokémon franchise, Mew is at the center of some of the biggest and longest-running mysteries that haven’t been answered yet. If there are any myths, Mew is one of the most obscure. At first, the only information about Mew came from fossilized parts of an old Pokémon that were found in the Guyana Jungle. However, Project Mew may look into this further.

It’s interesting because Guyana is a real country in South America. This is one of the few times Pokémon has accidentally addressed a real place, even though the show seems to be mostly about made-up places. Is Guyana a real place in the Pokémon world that caused at least South America to exist as it does now, or is Mew from somewhere else and this was just a mistake?

Do People Eat Pokémon?

Pokemon Food

One big question that’s never answered in the Pokémon games is whether or not people eat Pokémon. This question is touched on in the Pokémon shows, but not fully answered. People must be eating Pokémon if they eat meat often, since Pokémon seem to be the only real animals in this world.

Even though it doesn’t come up very often in the games, Pokémon Sword/Shield does talk about making curry for the Pokémon to eat. Trainers may be telling the Pokémon to eat each other, though, if these meals have meat in them. It’s still not clear how to answer this question so that the Pokémon brand can keep being kid-friendly.

How Can Arceus Be Beaten?

Pokemon Arceus

Arceus has been presented as more than just a legendary Pokémon. He is the God of Pokémon and the one who made the world in the Pokémon franchise. But if that’s the case, doesn’t the fact that they could also be caught in a Pokeball seem crazy?

As an all-powerful ancient being, Arceus might be able to be caught, but surely they would never lose to any other Pokémon that a master puts up against them? It doesn’t make much sense, and the story that Arceus made the world seems at best vague.


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