PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. It is a computerized test to ensure candidates’ proficiency in English, who are interested in studying abroad for their higher education. The format of the PTE exam is similar to the IELTS exam and is valid for two years. The score range of the exam lies between 10-100. For excellent preparation for the PTE exam, we recommend you join the best PTE coaching in Jalandhar to ace the exam.

There are four sections in the exam: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It is noticeable that test-takers face challenges in the reading section. So, by adopting some common strategies during the preparation of reading, you can easily get higher scores in the reading section. For this, you need to focus on each module very carefully. In this article, we will discuss the amazing tips to ace the exam.

The following are the key points to get the required score in the reading module:

Understanding the type of questions

Before solving questions you have to understand the category of questions. As there are various types of questions in the reading such as multiple-choice questions, re-ordering, fill-in-the-blanks, and so on. To solve the questions, understanding the type of question is the most crucial step. Let’s discuss the types of questions below:

Multiple-choice questions, with a single answer

For this, you can use the elimination method by eliminating the options as much as you can according to the demand of the question. To simplify, you can underline the keywords as well. As there is no negative marking system, try to answer all the questions. Moreover, you can highlight the synonyms for a better understanding of a given question. You can use the dictionaries to get the meaning of difficult words. 

Multiple-choice with multiple answers

The correctness of more than one option is quite tricky. You need to spend more time on questions with multiple options as compared to a single correct option. Read the question and passage twice to get the required information from the text. These types of questions follow a negative marking system, so be careful before selecting options to secure your scores.

Re-ordering the sentences

Read all the sentences carefully to get an idea about the purpose of the text. Then identify the main sentence of the given information. Followed by linking the sentences in a logical order. You can also use the Trial and Error method, which helps you to fit the correct sentences together. If it seems like two sentences are not related to each other you can remove them. By solving reordering questions with the above techniques you are able to get accuracy in the selection of sentences. 

Fill in the blanks 

This part can possess the topics whose range lies from academics to the literature field. Therefore, it is common that you come across many words that you are unfamiliar with. To overcome this unfamiliarity, you need to improve your vocabulary. Reading literature, novels, newspapers, and English podcasts are excellent sources to enhance your grammar and vocabulary. Moreover, you can use the skimming technique to get an idea about the subject matter and put the correct option in the blank box. 

Time management

You have to be very careful while solving the reading part. Try to solve the question maximum of two minutes. If you are confused about the answer then leave that at the moment and move ahead. Candidates tend to waste time in multiple-choice questions while searching for the second or third correct answer, but you need to avoid this to consume your time wisely in the exam. 

Reading materials for practice

The first thing you should do is practice previous exam questions to get an overview of the format of the exam. Also, get some verified materials from the internet with higher ratings and practice them on a daily basis before the exam. Are you still struggling with the PTE exam preparation? Then you should join the PTE Institute in Ludhiana which is quality of teaching to its students. 

Wrapping up

To sum up, no doubt, you have a little computer knowledge to ace the PTE exam. But there are some above steps that need to be kept in mind for those who are suffering from the reading section.


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