The size and design of BioWare’s library are amazing, but some of their games are much easier for people who have never played one before.

BioWare is a company that makes RPGs and MMORPGs. Over the last 30 years, it has grown thanks to some great titles. Players have found that some BioWare games are much easier than others, even though most of them last a long time and have lots of things to do.

That’s just how the gaming industry has changed. Now, players have a lot more options when it comes to how hard a game is, since most games are becoming easier to play. In spite of this, there are some that are much easier than others, giving players a whole new level of fun as they explore some amazing stories.

Dragon Age: Origins

Alistair and Cousland Warden before the coronation in Dragon Age: Origins

Most of BioWare’s game series are much harder than regular games. Players are constantly challenged as they try to find a class that works well across all of their RPGs. Finding that class is much easier in some than in others, though. Add to that the fact that Dragon Age is generally easier than some of BioWare’s other games, and the change in difficulty is huge, even in some of the best DLCs.

The game Dragon Age: Origins isn’t easy, but then again, BioWare doesn’t make many of their games easy or unlocked. They like to keep things interesting, which means that players will have to work hard to get the big wins. Even so, Dragon Age: Origins does have some clear difficulty spikes, but unlike some BioWare games, it doesn’t give more XP for playing at a higher level of challenge. This makes it a lot easier for people with less skill to play.

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

The Mass Effect series is another one of BioWare’s most well-known works. It became popular because it is easier for less experienced gamers to get into and play than some of BioWare’s more medieval-themed franchises. As the series went on, the gunplay style of fighting made things a lot easier, especially in this game with all the companions players can bring with them.

After the most difficult game in the series, Mass Effect 3, the series finally found a better mix. There were complaints that the first game was too easy, but the second one got harder and harder to get through, so the third and final game in the trilogy went back to a slightly easier style.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The last time an MMORPG was made in the Star Wars universe, it was very hard. This try to make one in the Star Wars universe was much easier. The Old Republic was surprisingly easy for a BioWare game, even with all the add-ons that have come out since. It wasn’t easy at first, but it became a lot easier than most MMOs once players got a handle on things and got better gear.

Like most MMOs, there are many ways to make the game easy. For example, players can stay in low-level areas and fight their way up slowly enough to stay at a high level. For these reasons and the fact that the game is usually easier than others in the same genre, BioWare has made it one of the easiest games they have ever made.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Iron Bull in Dragon Age: Inquisition

This is another game in the Dragon Age series. It was another attempt by BioWare to make their games easier for more people to play. Inquisition is still loved by many, and many fans still say it’s the best game in the series. Inquisition was easier than the previous games in the series in a number of ways, to the point where some fans of the series thought it was too easy.

A lot of Eggy Car gamers felt that the fighting in the whole game, even in the dungeons, needed to be turned all the way up to “hard” before it was really dangerous. Dragon Age: Inquisition is a great, well-made game that makes you feel like you’re not part of the game’s world. However, the fighting isn’t as hard as it is in most BioWare games or even other Dragon Age games.

Jade Empire

Jade Empire Cutscene

While some BioWare games have follow-ups, Jade Empire is one of the few that doesn’t have one. The RPG based on Chinese mythology was a great one-off, but BioWare left it in the company’s past as a lone wolf. It was the bad apple in an otherwise great company, and it should have gotten a much better follow-up.

One problem with Jade Empire was that it was too easy, even though it had a great story, graphics that were very good for the time, and a lot of fun ways to move through the game. It was easy to find difficulty levels that made Jade Empire really hard because most monsters were easy to kill right away. This got even worse after players had leveled up a lot.

Mass Effect

Helena Blake asks Shepard to let her go

The first Mass Effect game is still a masterpiece. BioWare has already updated it, and they probably will do it again. There was a big problem with how hard this first game in the series was. The combat wasn’t even remotely tough, so the story and beautiful planets visited will stick out more than the gameplay itself.

The Mass Effect series went on to become famous, with later games making the combat harder and different from the first one. However, the first game is still by far the easiest in the series and in BioWare’s history of making big works.


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