A Guide to Incorporating Statement Pieces into Your Interior Design

As soon as a guest enters your home, they should know whose house they are entering. And to make them realise this, you need to incorporate statement pieces into your home. Now you must be thinking, “What do statement pieces actually mean?” To answer this question simply, a statement piece is nothing but an item that you place in your house to draw the attention of people entering your house.

Statement pieces are not just directed at drawing people’s attention; they also serve as the focal point of your house. If you live in a house that is dull and you want to lighten up your space, you can easily do it using a statement piece. A statement piece sets the tone for your house and your space.

You do not just have to stick to just one piece while you decorate your home; you can instead choose to layer your house with multiple pieces. But before you do that, you need to keep a few things in mind so that you do not overdo it while you play around with statement pieces. To help you with your interior design journey, we have curated a list of things that can help you decorate your house with statement pieces.

Let the statement piece stand out:

a statement piece is, after all, a statement! The pack of interior designers working with us are of the view that even a single item in the home decor can be the star of the show. It can somewhat serve as a sort of roadmap for the rest of the decorating process. If your statement piece conveys a message, it can stand on its own. You shouldn’t require additional elements to “prop it up” or to further explain the point you’re attempting to make. Make sure your statement is clear and effective.

Choose a theme:

the most fun part of the home renovation journey in Singapore is deciding upon the theme. For all those who already have a theme, it’s time to get a revamp, and for those who do not have one, it’s a good time to decide upon one. Deciding upon a theme is important, as it will help you choose statement pieces. For deciding upon your theme, you can scan through magazines, home design and renovation platforms, and sites like Pinterest for décor theme inspiration. You can even go wild by creating your own unique style.

Trending themes in interior design right now include:
• modern edge with clean lines and neutral tones of grey and beige
• earthy, which brings in jewel tones of green and burnt orange with natural materials like wood and stone.
• nautical with navy blues, fresh whites, and bright, beachy artwork

Ditch the idea of matching:

the era of matchy-matchy décor is over. You literally do not have to match your pillow with the pattern in your rug or the vase on the side table. These days, interior design is all about going a bit off-beat and practising intentional mismatching. If you are worried about how a mismatch will go with your house, stop worrying! Even though you need to think about the scale of the room and how other items will play off of it, your statement piece doesn’t have to match colours or styles exactly. In fact, you can let it intentionally “clash” with other items a bit to set it apart even further. It is possible to strike a balance between “going” and “not going” when it comes to a statement piece if you do it right!

So, above are a few ideas that can help you incorporate statement pieces into your home. Now that you are aware of these, you should definitely try them, as they are recommended by the top interior design agency in Singapore.


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