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When you consider that there are only 8/10 Rhodes scholarship essays that shall survive the first filter of the university, you will feel compelled to craft an application essay that is excellent.

Most of such Rhodes scholarship application essays follow a story writing style, so they have a fairly high chance of acceptance by the readers. So, if you want to get accepted at your dream university, you must write your essay in a way that is according to the rules of UK and United States universities.

Now, if you are facing the dilemma of how to write such essays, you must have met confusion on your way. We have arranged a few tips to help you get through the inspection of selection committees and get your application accepted.

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The Perfect Rhodes Scholarship Essay Tips – 2023/24

It goes without saying that the Mandela Rhodes scholarship essay is an opportunity to reflect on your experiences and your values and set goals for your future. What’s more? The personal statement is the most daunting part of the application to the Rhodes scholars, and crafting an impressive application is not an easy task – it’s difficult.

While writing an academic paper like this, keep certain questions in mind and answer them in your paper. The questions to keep in mind are the following:

  1. What makes your essay unique?
  2. What makes you truly deserving of the scholarship?
  3. What is your motivation for securing your admission into the university you are applying to?

Coming back to the topic, the best tips and guidelines to follow in this regard are the following:

1. Create a Hook into Your Application

Start your Rhodes scholarship application with an opening sentence or a hook that pulls the reader in. The hook that you include must be unique, and it must not be a cliché phrase.

For instance, in the Advice for Writing a Marshall Personal Statement, the author states:

“You don’t need to be cutesy or dramatic, but think about beginning with some kind of surprise, a mystery or an intriguing possibility. You might start the essay with a question, or an unexpected connection between two things, or a paradox. You can start with an intriguing anecdote, of course, but that’s not the only way to begin. Look at a few examples of writing you particularly like to see how good writers start off, and see if you can borrow some of their strategies.”

For example, if you are a student living in Siberia, you can start off the work by stating that the cloud of mosquitoes in your area is so thick that they always form a cloak. Now analyse it, when you read such an interview, you may immediately want to meet the writer of the essay.

2. Strengthen Your Arguments

The central arguments of your Rhodes scholarship essay prompt must be strong enough to entice the readers. A winner of Rhodes essays had once written on his fear of birds, where she discussed how she overcame her fear of birds. The essay was then connected to English language and anthropology.

Another strong Rhodes scholarship sample essay was written on the childhood passion for the World Book Encyclopaedia. Through this topic, the writer described her journey into different social and academic realms.

You must feature your accomplishments in your work but link it with the central argument of your work. It will strengthen your point of view.

3. Avoid Making it a Resume Essay

You must keep in mind that your Rhodes application is not a resume essay. To get a better understanding of this, you must review some of the Rhodes scholarship essay examples. Keep in mind that your readers will always have a copy of your personal resume, to begin with, and repeating it in your essay will become totally boring for them.

In the blog, The Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships, the author states:

“Demonstrate those academic interests with concrete examples, detailed colour or past recognitions of achievements.  At the same time, don’t go overboard.  Remember that you will have an opportunity to list many of your past achievements elsewhere in the application.  So be selective, but after being selective, be detailed.”

Therefore, you must avoid turning your essay into a CV. It’s the 21st century, and the information related to you is always easily accessible to the readers anyway.

4. Avoid Clichés

One more thing that can be observed in almost all Rhodes scholarship-winning essays is that the use of clichés is the minimum. If you add too many clichés to your Rhodes scholarship essay, it will sound more like a news broadcast aired on TV. Also, such papers become boring for the readers of the evaluation committee of your dream university.

5. Make Your Essay Diverse

Your essay must be packed with evidence and visual examples of the central arguments as well. Your application essay must be diverse, unique and appealing to the readers. While writing such an essay, you should also show to the readers that you are not merely interested in joining educational organisations but in following your intellectual passions and joining some other fun activities.

6. Keep in Mind Your Audience

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that you must consider your audience when writing your scholarship essays. You must know that the people who are reading your application are former Rhodes scholars, and they are distinguished community members who go through a lot of applications as well.

So, the topic that you are writing about must reflect your core areas of interest and try to make it as unique as you can. It will increase the chances of your application getting accepted into your dream university.

7. Provide the Logical Reasons

To all the readers of your application essay, you must present logical arguments. Your application must not consist of a story out of your imagination or fantasy. All the points in your book must be well connected to each other, and there should be relevance and coherence between them.

8. Edit your Application

Before you submit your essay, the best Rhodes scholarship essay help advice is to reread your application at least twice. When you do so, it will erase all mistakes from your essay and ensure that there are no discrepancies in the ideas present there.

It will also ensure that your essay safely goes through the application process and you get to study at the University of Oxford – hence the final fulfilment of your dream.


So, this was all about using the unique techniques that reflect your voice in the Rhodes scholarship essay and help you secure admission to study at the university you choose. Write your essay and then walk away from it for a while. After a few hours, return to your passage and reread the essay.

Then, ask yourself if the essay achieves all kinds of goals in your writing. If you do not find some parts adequate, cut them and make sure to rewrite them again. Write and repeat the editing process unless you are 100% satisfied with it. Also, make sure that there are no mistakes in your essay at the time of final submission. Lastly, you can also hire essay writing services online to get help with writing winning essays for the Rhodes scholarship. The Academic Papers UK is the best writing company to consider.


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