GCC Catering Services Market GCC Catering Services Market 

Recently, Risen Café & Artisanal Bakery, a homegrown concept known for its artisanal breads, delectable pastries, and exceptional coffee, has announced its latest venture—the debut of a catering service. This new culinary offering is now accessible in specific locales within Dubai, encompassing Barsha Heights, Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, Knowledge Village, Dubai Marina, JLT, JVT, JVC, and Al Barsha 1.

What is Catering Service, and Why Is it gaining prominence across Gulf countries?

In recent times, event planning and organization have become challenging due to the complexity involved, making it daunting and often unattainable for individuals to manage events independently. As a result, many people are turning to catering services to leave a lasting impression on their guests, an accomplishment difficult to achieve without such assistance.

So, essentially, a catering service involves providing on-site food delivery, preparation, and comprehensive hospitality services for events with a substantial number of guests. In today’s offline and online market, there are various catering service options available to ensure maximum convenience for the host or customer.

The GCC region is globally recognized for its numerous corporate offices and commercial spaces, accommodating a sizable population of employees. Also surge of startups entering the corporate sector has prompted company owners to focus on providing attractive incentives such as quality food and healthy meals to employees. This has led to the scheduling of routine events that utilize catering services to offer delicious dishes and other conveniences.

As such, delving into the catering industry’s prospects and growth factors, Markntel Advisors has projected the GCC Catering Services Market to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of approximately 8.2% during 2023-2028.

A closer examination of these services, also known as buffet catering, reveals several significant advantages. This concept has provided hosts and customers worldwide with the comfort of simply enjoying the event while watching guests being served or helping themselves. Some of the notable advantages include:


Ranging from a diverse range of food and beverage items on the menu to decorating the event location, hospitality, preparation, and after-service of the event, catering services act as a one-stop shop that facilitates its customers with all the conveniences under one roof. 


The menu you develop with a caterer may be tailored to your unique dietary requirements, tastes, and spending limit. Right before setting up a menu, just inform the caterer about what is to be added and what is to be removed, and let your eyes witness the magic right after the event begins. 


Not only is the food served on the table, but a caterer and his servicing unit aim to deliver every eating item enriched with a good taste that may even urge the invitees or anyone enjoying the food to lick their fingers. In addition, every specific item is presented with complete elegance, and enormous quantities of food can be prepared right on order.

A Perfect Blend of Specialized and Well-Versed Knowledge

Caterers who have been in this field for many years have the potential to prepare any food and handle all facets of food service, from preparation to presentation.


For the purpose of helping you discover the ideal match for your event, catering services convey an extensive selection of menu choices, ranging from classic foods to Indian, Chinese, Korean, American, Thai, and more unusual fare as well.

Catering to vegan and plant-based customers

Across GCC, a culinary revolution is taking place as chefs and restaurateurs respond to the growing demand for vegan and plant-based options. Traditionally known for its rich and diverse meat-centric cuisine, the region is now embracing a shift towards more sustainable and inclusive dining experiences. Chefs are experimenting with innovative plant-based ingredients and cooking techniques to create mouthwatering dishes that cater to the diverse tastes of their clientele. From plant-based shawarmas infused with vibrant spices to juicy burgers made entirely from plants, the culinary scene is adapting to the preferences of those seeking a plant-based lifestyle. This evolution not only promotes healthier eating habits but also contributes to reducing the ecological footprint, aligning with global sustainability goals. As more individuals embrace plant-based diets, the chefs and restaurants are not only meeting their needs but setting a new standard for culinary creativity and conscious dining.

Industry Updates

GCC Services, a remote site services provider based in Dubai, has been selected by the global engineering and construction leader McDermott to manage catering services for the Tilenga Project Upstream Facilities situated in Uganda’s Lake Albert Basin.

As part of the Riyadh Season festivities, Clap, a Japanese restaurant, has opened a pop-up location on the rooftop and helipad of Majdoul Tower in Riyadh.

Towards the close of 2022, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) inked agreements exceeding $272 million (AED 1 billion) with four local catering service companies in Abu Dhabi. These deals were formally established during the Abu Dhabi International Food Exhibition. The contracted entities encompass Royal Catering, Apex National Catering, National Corporation for Tourism & Hotels (NCT&H), and Sodexo Kelvin. The scope of these contracts spans food catering services for all ADNOC Group enterprises, running from 2022 through 2027.

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