BigCommerce is a big, capable platform, but this article is going to start with a statement that might catch a little flak in some circles.

Out of the box, BigCommerce doesn’t really do much. It can do a lot, but the keyword is italicized there for two main reasons.

One, BigCommerce has a relatively open API that enables easy integration with a wide range of third-party apps.

The other is that the BigCommerce platform supports a wide collection of BigCommerce web development companies that make apps for it.

Apps like those mentioned here, which can improve everything from communications to shipping protocols to turning around abandoned carts.

Live Chat

Live Chat offers a free trial and allows you to easily address customer concerns and queries in a timely fashion.

It integrates easily, minimizes wait times, has a ticketing system functionality, and enables users to see what’s in customers’ carts when communicating with them. It also has a contact form that can help users capture leads.


ShipperHQ, which also offers a free trial, is a plugin that makes it easier for users to create shipping schedules with accurate tracking and cost calculation functionality.

It also integrates easily, and has options for weight-based cost calculation along with other packing criteria. You can also set options for bundling shipping restrictions and more.


Klaviyo is the ultimate BigCommerce plugin if you need a tool that can help your sales team improve SMS marketing on a personalized scale.

It can also help you automate personalized emails and messaging, and can improve predictive analytics, including metrics for churn risk and customer lifetime value.


In the world of capturing customer reviews, Yotpo reigns supreme. Basically, it is a tool that helps capture reviews via email, but it is also synchronized with Facebook, Google, and other platforms, delivering a seamless experience for users – both businesses and their customers.

A common complaint is that it is difficult to set up, but Yotpo at least offers a free plan and integrates easily with BigCommerce.


Don’t rely on apps to do your SEO work for you, but they can help, and FavSEO, which offers a free trial, is one of the best.

It offers functionality for bulk optimization of titles and meta descriptions, has a recommended keyword feature, and also offers advanced audits. It also helps track website ranking and the editor is extremely easy to use.


There are few email marketing plugins as powerful or easy to use as MailChimp, which has a free plan and offers A/B testing functionality.

The greatest thing about MailChimp is the flexibility that enables nearly personalized marketing messaging. It has options for welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, and emails that can be customized based on previous customer interactions.


While MailChimp is a great overall marketing plugin, Omnisend is the one to get if your business has a specific problem with abandoned carts (although it hardly matters, since both Omnisend and MailChimp have free plans, so you can use both).

This plugin gives you a live view of customers that are visiting your website and enables you to send customized messages with scratch cards and gift boxes, which are intended to nudge higher conversion rates.

How a BigCommerce Web Development Agency Can Help

This is only a small, small sampling of the thousands of apps that are available for BigCommerce websites.

If you’re built on this eCommerce platform and need help integrating or coding a custom app, the solution is to work with a BigCommerce web development company.

Designers and developers that are familiar with eCommerce stores build on this platform can both code and integrate apps (even improving your online store’s web design) improving the customer experience with the goal of increasing sales.

BigCommerce developers can also integrate payment processing tools, code fully responsive designs, improve load times, and perform many other complex tasks that can improve online shopping experiences.

Don’t try to do it on your own. There’s a reason we have skilled developers in our economy. Leverage their skills to your advantage.


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