Home painting is a job that has to follow its own schedule. It is often impossible to wait for the ideal weather to do the paint job. Therefore, it is necessary that you know how to push your paint job into seasons that are not favorable to painting. The bottom line is this: pint and water do not mix. Therefore, you might have the question if it is OK to paint your house during winter with the help of exterior painters near me. Additionally, you may want to know if paint takes a long time to dry, will it impact its color and texture.

Painting during rains

Understand the following points about painting your house during rains:

Never do the paint job on home exterior when the surface is wet or had been wet recently.

For interior painting, rains might not matter much. Painting will not be affected by humidity unless the condensation is seen forming on the surface. Low temperature below 34O C can impact the curing of paint.

When to paint during rains

Though you can certainly paint your exteriors or interiors when it rains, do not paint when the rain touches the painted surface. It is fine to paint interiors when it rains outside provided the rain water does not reach the interiors of the house. Under humid conditions, painted surfaces both interior and exterior take time to dry. Therefore, you will have to wait for a longer time before applying the second coat of paint. Also, you must beware of humid conditions that can lead to condensation on the surface. 

Deciding when to paint during rains

Most painting experts recommend against painting even when there is a slight hint of rain. Nevertheless, you may not be able to wait in regions prone to excessive rainfall. Also, professional exterior painters near me cannot stop every time when the rain clouds show up on the horizon.

Climatic conditions like temperature and moisture determine the painting season and not the aspects like fall or winter. Conditions within the climatic boundaries can be deemed as painting season.

To decide if you can paint during rains, consider the following. Check if the surface is wet at present. A wet surface can never be painted until it dries completely. Understand when the surface was wet last time. A recently wet surface may have latent moisture that can affect the paint. An exterior wall that is wet due to rains will need around four hours of exposure to direct sunlight above 72 degrees Fahrenheit before it is fully ready for painting. Even if the flat surfaces appear to have dried, the sections that are hidden from the sun might not have dried enough.

Even if the wall feels dry for touch, running a brush across a nail hole can the water built up inside might be released. If this is not attended to immediately, the dripping water can create light streaks on the painted surface. The only remedy possible for this issue is applying an additional coat of paint.

Take away

Painting must not be done as a rush job. Enough wall preparation and painting during the ideal weather are highly necessary to expect a neat finish and long lasting paint cover on your wall. To this end, it is necessary to hire the best exterior painters near me who are reliable and dedicated.


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