There are a few well-known game engines whose titles players will remember, like these games that were made with Unity.

A lot of different engines have been used by developers to make great games that fans love. Big names like Frostbite, Unreal Engine, and the different in-house engines that famous creators use are all pretty well-known on their own. On the other hand, there are games with easier-to-use systems that are still pretty fun on their own.

Unity is a well-known engine among gamers. It is an easy-to-use tool for making games that has made the process easier than ever. This engine looks really easy, but it’s actually been very helpful in making some really great games!

Beat Saber

A dance in Beat Saber

VR gaming is definitely becoming more popular, and players love the idea of being immersed in a whole new world while playing fast-paced games where they have to move their whole bodies to win. Virtual reality works really well for a lot of different types of games, but rhythm games work especially well for this.

One great example of this kind of game is Beat Saber, which shows how much fun VR gaming can be when done right. Cutting blocks to the beat of a song is a pretty simple but very effective idea that has made this Unity-based game the most popular VR game at the moment.

Pokemon Go

Glaceon in Pokemon GO

When Pokémon Go first came out, it took over the whole world. It was a real craze that showed how powerful this beloved IP is. When Pokémon Go came out, people planned whole events just for players to meet up in areas and catch rare Pokemon.

It’s a great example of how AR can be used in games, catching lightning in a bottle in a way that no one saw coming. At this point, it’s not likely that players will be able to enjoy something like this again, and many people who played Pokémon Go remember how amazing it was how quickly it became popular for so many weeks.

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds screenshot showing the Dark Bramble

Outer Wilds is one of the best adventure games that doesn’t get enough attention. It’s a space travel game where the main character is stuck in a time loop that sends them back in time to a few moments before a supernova destroys the universe. Finding the answer to the puzzle of this time loop is an exciting, can’t-stop experience that players love.

People have heard great things about Outer Wilds, but many never got the chance to play it. People who are having a hard time finding new and interesting games that will keep them happy in the long run should definitely give this a try.

Fall Guys


Fall Guys came up with the great idea of making Takeshi’s Castle into a battle royale game right away. To be named the winner, players had to make it through a series of obstacle courses and other challenges. Each episode of Fall Guys was fun in its own way.

Fall Guys became a huge hit right away, and people couldn’t stop playing until they made it to the final round, or even won a game! Even though the hype around this game has died down a bit, the many patches have made it possible to play over and over again.

Return Of The Obra Dinn

A man holding a gun on the Obra Dinn in Return of the Obra Dinn

Return of the Obra Dinn is one of the best mystery games ever made. The main way to play is to figure out who all the people who died on the Obra Dinn were by seeing and hearing their last moments. This is another example of how well Lucas Pope knows video games. He combines story and gameplay in a way that makes it clear how bad things were for the Obra Dinn crew.

There are times when Tunnel Rush is pretty hard, but it was always rewarding to solve a set of murders and figure out who the people were who died in some way. The game’s intro is pretty good, and it hits players right in the gut with a shocking reveal that shows things were much more strange and scary than most people thought.


A screenshot from Rimworld, showcasing gameplay.

Help a group of people stay alive on an alien planet long enough to build a spaceship and get back home in the procedurally created colony simulation game RimWorld. In the end, these colonists have their own personality features that are chosen at random, but they feel more real than most characters in single-player games.

As players slowly research more advanced technologies, make sure their colonists stay alive, build bigger bases, and finally help these people escape this hell, each playthrough has a completely different story. In RimWorld, each tale is pretty different and brings their own set of problems. Players have to get better at their skills and defenses while trying to stay alive on a dangerous planet where everyone wants them to die.


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