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Water is essential for life. Having access to clean drinking water is a basic necessity. Appliances like purifiers and dispensers can give you instant access to fresh drinking water. If you are a person who likes to have access to cold water, hot water or water at room temperature at all times, consider investing in a water dispenser with either of these features as per your needs. 

To make your search for such an appliance easier, we have listed the advantages of the KENT Perk Bottleless Water Dispenser, which is one of the best water dispenser pumps offering instant cold, hot or regular water.

KENT Perk Bottleless Water Dispenser 

The first name that comes to mind when buying a water dispenser with a chiller is the new KENT Perk Bottleless Water Dispenser. It features an inbuilt RO water purifier and UF purifier, along with a TDS controller that purifies 100% water. The dispenser has a 20L storage capacity and intelligent controls, making it the best choice for homes, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, schools, colleges and factories.

This dispenser ensures that essential minerals remain intact during purification. Its user-friendly design helps users to operate it easily. It does not require a separate bottle of water. Rather, you can directly connect it to a tap. Also, you can’t know the water source with water bottles.

With KENT Perk, you drink pure water as the appliance purifies the water through different stages. The dispenser is affordable and a good investment for a healthy ‘you’.

There are several benefits of using the KENT Perk Bottleless Water Dispenser. Below are some of them:

ü Exceptionally Convenient: The KENT Perk Bottleless Water Dispenser makes it very convenient for users to get water at the temperature of their choice. Users can get instant water for tea, coffee, pasta and other household items. During winter, users can enjoy hot water without heating on a stove, saving time and energy.

ü More Water Consumption: Despite knowing how important water consumption is for our bodies, most of us fail to drink adequate water. The convenience KENT offers entices people to drink more water because of its delicious taste.

Ü Improves Cognitive Function: Dehydration hampers cognitive functions, whereas proper hydration helps focus, energy and overall brain function. Installing water purifiers such as the KENT water purifier leads to increased productivity.

ü Increased Space: Not storing water bottles in your refrigerator saves a lot of space to store more food items. The KENT Perk Bottleless Water Dispenser gives you ready-to-access hot and cold water around the clock.

ü Eco-Friendly: Water dispensers are known to be more eco-friendly than kettles. The KENT Water Dispenser takes eco-friendliness to a different level altogether by eliminating the need to use plastic water bottles and helping towards the cause of waste reduction. With no plastic in use, the environment around you automatically becomes safe.

ü Good for Health: In terms of being safe, it removes lead and other heavy metals from the drinking water and reduces the risk of colon, rectal, and bladder cancer. Improperly and inadequately purified water generally has chlorine, which reacts with other impurities to form carcinogens. The KENT purifier removes chlorine by 99.9% to remove whatever bitterness is in your drinking water.

All these qualities make the KENT Perk Bottleless Water Dispenser an indispensable asset, be it in the office or at home, as it ensures that users not only keep good health but find it easy to use and environmentally friendly, and most importantly, keep drinking clean water all the time.


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