What Can Damage Your Hot Tub Cover

Hot tubs and water present inside need to be kept protected from UV rays, weather conditions, chemical exposure, and different types of debris. Using a hot tub cover can provide this protection to the tub and water. However, the cover itself needs some defense.

To provide this defense, you must know the potential threats to the hot tub covers. Today, we will tell you about the major things that can damage your hot tub cover. Knowing these things, you can opt for appropriate methods to keep the cover safe.

Factors Damaging Hot Tub Covers

The following are the major factors that can damage the hot tub cover.

UV Radiation

The Sun emits ultraviolet radiation. These UV rays are harmful to the hot tub covers. When exposed to these rays for a long time, the cover material will start fading and deteriorating. Apart from that, it can also make your cover brittle.

Harsh Weather

Harsh weather causes severe damage to your hot tub cover. Heavy rains, snow, and strong winds are among those. harsh conditions that do most of the damage to covers. Apart from that, extreme cold or hot weather is also dangerous for your hot tub covers. Things become worse when you don’t remove the snow and water buildups regularly.

Chemical Exposure

Hot tub water contains different chemicals. These chemicals are added to keep the water sanitized. Chlorine is the most widely used chemical to keep water clean. However, this chlorinated water is not good for your hot tub cover. It can degrade the material of the cover and reduce its longevity.

Apart from that, rainwater can also carry some harmful chemicals that can damage the cover. These chemicals are mostly oxides of Nitrogen and Sulphur that turn into acid when mixed with rainwater and damage the material.

Mold and Mildews

Moisture is the best condition for fungi to grow. So, your spa cover always has a risk of mold or mildew development. The water can be absorbed by the inner surface of the cover and lead to the growth of these fungi. If left unnoticed, it will keep on growing and your cover starts smelling bad.

Animal Intruders

Sometimes, different animals especially rodents, cats, and dogs approach your hot tub and can damage its cover. They will scratch the covers and cause tears, scrapes, and other similar damages to the cover. Apart from that, they can also contaminate the water as well if the cover is not placed correctly.

How to Avoid These Dangers

These threats to your hot tub Parts store can be mitigated by using some common methods. These methods and tips are listed below.

  1. The use of UV-resistant material on the covers can keep them protected from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun.
  2. Clean the water and snow build ups regularly to avoid damages due to the harsh weather.
  3. Cleaning your hot tub cover after regular intervals will avoid any damage due to chemical exposure.
  4. Try to keep the covers dry to prevent the growth of mold or mildew.

Final Words

The aforementioned factors can damage the cover of your hot tubs or spas. Therefore, make sure to pay attention to the proper maintenance of the covers to keep them protected and last long.


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