Take a guess: the Red Pikmin are NOT a fire sign.

In Pikmin 4, two more types of Pikmin were added to the series. With more strange little guys, more information about leaflings, and a new friend that looks like a grub dog, there have never been so many friendly faces in the series. We began to wonder what their zodiac sign would be.

There are 12 zodiac signs, but only nine real Pikmin. To fill in the blanks, we used the most fitting characters from the world of PNF-404. Don’t worry—there aren’t any vague mentions to unimportant people like Louie’s grandmother. Everyone here is important. Before you ask, no, Bulbmin and Mushroom Pikmin don’t count.

Aries – Olimar

Olimar next to a dog creature in the intro sequence to Pikmin 4

Since Olimar is an Aries, it seems like the least likely pick (maybe the Blue Pikmin is the least likely). Olimar is brave, strong, and level-headed. As an Aries, he is naturally a leader, and his creativity and drive to succeed are typical of the sign.

After crashing his ship on a strange world with an atmosphere that made it impossible to breathe, he not only got a whole army of Pikmin (people he had never met before) to help him, but he also achieved success in just 30 days.

Taurus – Glow Pikmin

Glow Pikmin in Pikmin 4

Being at ease in their own space is something that Tauruses really value. They like the pleasures of home and don’t really feel the need or want to go anywhere else. That sounds like something the Glow Pikmin would understand. These friends that look like ghosts were added in Pikmin 4. They can only be found at night or when it is dark.

Despite this, both Glow Pikmin and Tauruses are strong. Everyday problems, like work worry or a Fiery Blowhog, won’t bother them as much as they might other people. The phrase “comfortable and unwavering” fits them perfectly.

Gemini – Yellow Pikmin

Yellow Pikmin in Pikmin 4

Some people always look like they have something to do. These active people might be Geminis because they are always learning something new and have a hobby thought out. They would be the Yellow Pikmin if they were a Pikmin. These guys are very active and will jump higher, dig faster, and do a lot more than you think.

Maybe they were always on the move because they were so curious. One thing is certain: Gemini and Yellow Pikmin will always have something to do, and they’ll be happy to do it.

Cancer – Ice Pikmin

Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4

Cancers are the real peacemakers in the world; they can run a place better than anyone else. They are great for the Ice Pikmin because they have a strong will and can naturally change other people’s feelings. These blocky little ice cubes were added in Pikmin 4. They are great at staying cool, and if they set their minds to it, they can get almost anyone to “chill out.”

People who are outgoing also care about their own feelings, though. They often feel like they need to keep their feelings safe. A lot of Cancers will see that as a fake smile. When you play Ice Pikmin, it’s a body of ice.

Leo – Oatchi

Oatchi and the Crew in Pikmin 4

There will be one person who steals the show: a Leo. They love being the center of attention and are ready to show that it’s worth it. This hits home for Oatchi, who is one of the newest members of the Pikmin team. Even though it’s not a Pikmin, this dog-like monster is your character’s loyal friend in Pikmin 4. They can do everything a Pikmin can do, plus they have extra abilities like being able to smell wealth and smash through things that are breakable.

Not to imply that they only care about themselves. Leos (and Oatchi) are very loyal, and they often deal with problems in a straightforward way to help the people they care about. A Leo might not have to take on huge pieces of clay for the team like Oatchi does, but we all know that if they were asked, they would.

Virgo – The Leaflings

A Leafling in Pikmin 4

The idea of a Leafling, which is not like any other Pikmin character, has been talked about since the first game. But only in Pikmin 4 do we learn what they’re up to or even that they exist. Leaflings always have a strong faith in Dondori, which means “the art of efficiency.” They will do anything they think will help them reach their goals. The goal on PNF-404 is to stay alive. In the eyes of the Leaflings, that means turning anyone who can’t breathe the air into a Leafling.

What does all of that have to do with this sign? On average, a Virgo will have a strong and well-organized line of thought. They think things through, are realistic, and are often seen as perfectionists. It may seem like they don’t care or are cold around you, but they usually mean well. I think that sounds like a Leafling.

Libra – Rock Pikmin

A Rock Pikmin in Pikmin 3

Libras try to keep their life in balance. You might think that a Libra is a person who always has everything in order. But most of the time, it’s the opposite. They want to find people who are like them so that their skills and weaknesses can be balanced. That’s what makes them most like Rock Pikmin.

These hard-shelled helpers were added in 8 Ball Pool. They are not balanced at all. They last a long time and can do things other Pikmin types can’t. On the other hand, they can’t do many of the important things that the rest of the squad can. Like Libras, Rock Pikmin shine best when the rest of the party evens things out.

Scorpio – Red Pikmin

Red Pikmin in Pikmin 4

If you need someone to keep something in check, you should ask a Scorpio. Bring out the Red Pikmin when things get too hot in Pikmin. Just like Scorpios, Red Pikmin are well-rounded animals that are naturally strong on the inside and out. At first look, they might not stand out, but they will always be there.

If you need help, these are the people you should go to, whether it’s a real fire or the stresses of modern life. Even when things get hot, they can still stay in charge. In fact, that’s usually when they do their best.

Sagittarius – Winged Pikmin

Winged Pikmin in Pikmin 3

People are usually grouped into two groups: “casual and lighthearted” and “frank and direct.” The thing that makes Sagittarius unique is that they are good at finding the middle ground between two ideas.

Those same ideals are often shown very literally in Winged Pikmin. Because they are small and light, they can safely float over dangerous areas. They like to get wealth by flying in a straight line, which is the most direct way to do it. Having a Sagittarius (or a Winged Pikmin) by your side will help you when things seem hard or take a long time.

Capricorn – Purple Pikmin

Purple Pikmin in Pikmin 2

To put it simply, everyone can benefit from having more patience. But some people (geminis), aren’t very good at having it. Capricorns, on the other hand, are great at being patient and making the most of their time. They know that if they work hard and are patient, they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

This manta is something that all Purple Pikmin can remember. They might not be the fastest or have any special skills that let them fix problems right away, but in the world of Pikmin 2, they are the strongest characters. Their slow and steady pace will definitely lead to great results, as they can carry ten times as much weight as a normal Pikmin.

Aquarius – White Pikmin

White Pikmin in Pikmin 2

There’s a good chance that an Aquarius is behind any kind of new ideas. These air signs are crazy about starting new things that will change the world. They take life and turn it around in ways we didn’t know were possible. When they showed up in the second game, the White Pikmin changed the Pikmin series in the same way. What they knew about how Pikmin worked at its core, they built on in new and interesting ways.

An Aquarius could be one of the most toxic people in someone’s life, but they also have the strong will and willingness to be different that protects them from other toxic people. It can be poisonous or not poisonous at all. Does that sound like a certain Pikmin?

Pisces – Blue Pikmin

Blue Pikmin in Pikmin 4

Giving the Blue Pikmin to a water sign might seem like a tired idea. But these blue friends are more than just the weather. Pisces are sensitive and good at reading people. They can easily understand how other people feel and what they’ve been through. This group will be the first to know when someone is having a hard time and will act quickly to help.

The Blue Pikmin are without a doubt the most caring type of Pikmin. It can be hard to tell how they’re feeling just by looking at their cute looks, but think about this: Blue Pikmin are the only ones in Pikmin 2 who will go out of their way (and maybe even get hurt) to save other Pikmin who are drowning. There is nothing about that that sounds like a Pisces.


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